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High Strength Aluminum Wire


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Baroda packaging Specialty High Strength Aluminum Wire works with all type of Form Fill and Seal Machines.
We are engaged in offering a wide range of High Strength Aluminum Wires to various Manufacturing Companies having automatic Form Fill and seal Machines. Aluminum wires are made available in required diameter duly ultrasonic & heat treated in single length without weld wrapped specifically layer by layer onto spool format for uninterrupted high speed clippings on FFS machines.

Our range of products includes:

High Purity Aluminum Wires of Strength 22000 PSI to 26000 PSI and also Colored Aluminum Wires.

High Strength Specialty Aluminum Wires of Strength of 32000 PSI to 36000 PSI.

Pre lubricated High Purity Aluminum Wires are also available of Normal strength to High Strength.

The single length non welded feature of these wires facilitate free and smooth flow of the nozzle without obstructing flow of wire, this results in keeping the production line running hassle free. The wires are coiled in such way so that the FFS machine draws wire uninterruptedly.

The Aluminum Wires are available in coil form from 5 kg to 50 kg packed in corrugated box or drums as per the requirement of the customer.


Sturdy construction

Dimensional accuracy

Smooth surface

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